10 Creepy Mobile Games

Halloween is just around the corner, so why not scare the pants off yourself by playing one of these Android or iOS games?

Scary Mobile Games

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to gear up for the holiday by playing creepy games on your phone or tablet? Admittedly there aren't a ton of legitimately scary horror-themed iOS and Android games, but here are 10 (in no particular order) that will at least make you think twice about turning off the lights.

Fallen EP-1

Fallen EP-1 is an oldie but goodie -- a survival-horror game that pits you against zombie dogs and slug-like alien creatures. While that might not sound terrifying, the graphics are decently eerie, and the soundtrack is peppered with jolting screams. Plus, the cut-scenes are even better -- or worse, depending on how you look at it.

Fallen EP-1: Free, iTunes

Silent Hill -- The Escape

Just what we need -- another chapter of Konami's epically eerie Silent Hill franchise. Silent Hill: The Escape is a first-person corridor shooter set in an asylum/maze full of faceless nurses, disturbing sounds and just a dull, flickering flashlight to guide you.

Silent Hill - The Escape: $0.99, iTunes


Kydos Studio's Soul is a port of the popular Xbox game. The premise of the game is to guide a dead man's soul through mazes (using your phone's accelerometer) in order to get to heaven rather than hell. As kitschy as the premise sounds, the monsters, darkness, jumpy sound effects and creepy little girl will keep you on your toes.

Soul: $0.99, iTunes


Bendroid's Mystique is a three-chapter (so far) horror game aimed at the "Saw" crowd. It features a creepy atmosphere -- complete with ghosts, satanic symbols and a blood-filled bathtub -- and 3D graphics. It's a puzzle game that prompts the player to use strategy and clues to escape the room … and then there's chapter two.

Chapter 1 - Foetus: Free, Android Market

Chapter 2 - The Child: $2.99, Android Market

Chapter 3 - Obitus: $2.99, Android Market

N.Y. Zombies

Foursaken Media's N.Y. Zombies is a first-person zombie shooter game set in -- you guessed it -- New York City. Like most first-person zombie shooters, the purpose of the game is to destroy zombies using more than 20 different types of weapons, including shotguns, sniper rifles, proximity mines, machetes, and chainsaws.

N.Y. Zombies: $0.99, iTunes

Dead Space

Electronic Arts' Dead Space is a new chapter in the Dead Space franchise. The iOS version of Dead Space takes place three years after the original Dead Space (but before Dead Space 2), so Dead Space fans don't have to worry about playing the same old storyline. This bloody Necromorph-slaying third-person-shooter even comes in an HD iPad version for a fuller, more gory experience.

Dead Space: $6.99, iTunes

Dead Space HD: $9.99, iTunes

Welcome to Hell

DVide's Welcome to Hell is a first-person zombie shooter featuring 3D graphics and tons of blood and guts. It's your basic zombie shooter: you are required to destroy waves of the undead, and you get spendable points depending on how good you are at doing so. Kill enough zombies and get enough points, and you can unlock bigger and badder weapons.

Welcome to Hell: $2.99, Android Market

Welcome to Hell: $0.99, iTunes

Dark Meadow

Phosphor Games' latest title, Dark Meadow, is a first-person horror game with a bit of Infinity Blade-style combat mixed in. The game is set in an abandoned hospital full of demons. Your job is to explore, figure out what's going on (you have some sort of amnesia) and, well, survive. Thanks to gorgeous graphics designed using the Unreal Engine, Dark Meadow is all the more creepy.

Dark Meadow: $5.99, iTunes

Prisoner 84

Hidden Games' Prisoner 84 is a third-person adventure game in which you, a psychotic inmate, are trying to escape a maximum-security prison. The game features 3D-style graphics, suspenseful interludes, and plenty of puzzles to keep you intrigued. This is more on the "creepy" rather than "downright terrifying" side, but it's worth checking out.

Prisoner 84: $2.99, iTunes

Resident Evil: Degeneration

Yeah, it's another zombie-killing game -- but this time, it's a pretty famous one. Capcom's Resident Evil: Degeneration is based on the CG movie of the same name. The survival-horror shooter features 3D graphics, puzzles, and a "shake" method of getting zombies off your back (you literally shake your iPhone to free yourself). It's not the scariest zombie-shooter, but it's still good for a few jumps.

Resident Evil - Degeneration: $4.99, iTunes

Bonus Game: Papa Sangre

Papa Sangre is a unique -- and truly scary -- audio adventure. You are lost in Papa Sangre's underworld palace, which is not a great place to be -- especially when you can't see anything. Yep, you're blind: this is a "video game without the video." You're forced to use your ears (invest in a good pair of headphones) to find your way around. You use an onscreen wheel to turn, and onscreen footprints to move. But be careful -- there are demons and underworld beasts just waiting for you to trip and fall. Papa Sangre is an immersive, creepy audio experience.

Papa Sangre is currently unavailable in the iTunes store, due to an incompatibility with iOS 5.

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