9 Truly Geeky Halloween Costumes

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Let's face it--Halloween for adults is basically an excuse to dress up in spooktacular outfits and show them off to others. Of course, typical Halloween costumes are all too commonplace and overrated, so why not add in a bit of geeky charm?

Read on for GeekTech's favorite geeky costumes, and a little on how they were made, to give you some outfit inspiration.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who is one of the ultimate in science fiction TV, and it makes for some great Halloween costumes--especially if you can team up with a few friends to go as the various freaky foes the Doctor must face. ThinkGeek offered the perfect Trenchcoat, styled on the 10th Doctor's own. While it costs $330, rest safe assured that no civilizations will crumble with you at the helm of the TARDIS.


[Photo: Regis Laborie]

If you're really dedicated, why not make yourself a giant, super realistic iPhone suit, complete with an actual screen? This is exactly what Regis Laborie created: an iPhone made from wood, a 42-inch plasma screen, and other various readily-available materials. The result? An impressive wearable version of the iPhone, complete with a few glowing lights to make the apps on-screen to stand out. The best part? His costume took only around 10 hours to complete.

Keyboard Cat

Don't deny it: You love cat memes. While dressing as a lolcat would mean that you'd have to dress like a normal cat, Keyboard Cat is a good second choice. Put on that blue shirt, don a pair of ears and a tail, and don't forget to carry around a keyboard (a children's toy one would suffice). Or go all out by covering yourself in fur and making real cat paws.

[Photo: Alida]

If you want something very straightforward, how about Limecat? Find a green, spherical object (like a ball), cut a helmet shape out of it, and voila! For bonus points, put on a blank expression and even better, some feline features. It may be simple, but think of it this way: If you get tricked this Halloween, at least you'll have headgear to protect you.

Be a Webpage

Represent your favorite Website by creating a costume of, well, a Webpage. It sounds strange, but it can be quite awesome--for instance, you could dress up as your Facebook profile, complete with a hole cut out for your face where the profile photo would normally be. And you could make some new friends by placing your (public!) information on your costume so you're easy to look up later. The coolest page so far is YouTube Awesome Party Guy--a "video" of Briar Lowe's unnamed friend having fun at a party within a cardboard frame. Very funny and pretty geeky. After all, who wouldn't want to go as their most favorite blog in the whole wide world?

(Oh, and if you do dress up as GeekTech for Halloween, be sure to send us a photo or share it on our Facebook page!)

Angry Birds

[Photo: The Clock Blog]

Look for something geeky that almost everyone knows and loves? Become your favorite Angry Bird! While you could just buy an Angry Bird plush head for $35, you can also create a full body version with few pieces of fabric. The Clock Blog (pictured above) has a great instructional to follow to make sure you get it just right.


There's not much that surpasses the geekiness of Minecraft. Personally, the pixelated graphics are what make it aesthetically charming for me. That's also why it makes it an excellent choice for a Halloween outfit. Essentially, as explained by "Hailbut" on Instructables, all you need are cardboard boxes that fit your frame. Add some large facial features and different shaded squares, and that's it! Those creepers look particularly scary, which adds perfectly to the Halloween theme.

Lego Man

[Photo: Kaged Kombat]

This wouldn't be GeekTech without a bit of Lego! Fortunately, there are plenty of great Lego costumes out there to serve as inspiration. Since Lego has just about every type of character covered with its minifigures, a Lego zombie, pirate, or Frankenstein would be cool.

And it isn't a hard costume to pull off: Instructables user "Kaged Kombat" made an excellent Lego man made out of boxes, foam, paper, and velcro.


Here's a really geeky idea: go as your preferred browser! While Internet Explorer is possibly a bit tricky (it'll be hard to twist your body into the iconic lower-case "e"), Firefox and Safari would be the most straightforward. For a good fox-and-globe idea, check out Karen's very cute version of the icon, who also happened to be the winner of TechCrunch's 2009 costume contest.

So, here are just a few great ideas. In case you were wondering, I've made myself a Nyan Cat costume, which I'm sure you will get to see in a later article (I haven't quite finished it yet). Have a happy Halloween, and don't forget to tell us what you are dressing up as in the comments!

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