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Gun Bros Review: Blast Bad Guys to Save the Universe

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Who doesn't like big, burly men shooting bad guys in outer space? Gun Bros offers exactly that: It's a universe-spanning bad-guy-shooting game full of cartoonish space marines blowing things up.

Gun Bros is primarily a shoot 'em up, but it has a social element; for example, you can add "Bros" (via Facebook or Open Feint) who help you out during missions. As in other shooters, the main objective in Gun Bros is to survive wave after wave of enemies. In this case, the enemies are part of the "Tyrannical Oppressors Of Life," or T.O.O.L.

Gameplay is fairly simple: You use two virtual joysticks, one on the left side of the screen and the other on the right. The left joystick is for moving your character, while the right joystick is for aiming and shooting your (extremely large) guns.

The controls are a bit different from the setup of many touchscreen mobile games (usually games offer just one joystick and a firing button), and so they take a little getting used to. The aim/shoot joystick is also a bit small considering the many enemies that come your way--It's far too easy to overshoot the acceptable touch area and wonder why your guns aren't firing. Still, this dual-joystick setup allows you to move your character in one direction while shooting in another, and once you've mastered the controls it's definitely a handy ability to have.

Killing enemies isn't the only objective in Gun Bros. You must also pick up a special ore ("Xplodium") as you move around the map and explore planets. You can take your collected Xplodium to the refinery and turn it into gold pieces, which you can then use to purchase weapons, armor, and upgrades at the store. The store also takes a second currency, Warbucks, which cost real money. Some items are buyable only with Warbucks, though they aren’t necessary to beat the game.

Gun Bros also has lots of free content. It provides several planets, and each planet has several levels. Since levels open up in order, to access the next level you'll need to survive all of the enemy waves of the previous level. However, new planets open based on your character's rank (you gain experience points with each battle you undertake, even if you don't survive), so you'll encounter plenty of variety.

Gun Bros is a fun, if over-the-top, shoot-'em-up game. The controls take a lot of getting used to and can be a bit fussy at times, but the graphics look great, the levels have a ton of content, and the game is almost entirely free.

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At a Glance
  • Generic Company Place Holder GUN BROS

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