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My personal jury is still out on Google Chrome. I made the switch from Firefox a couple months ago, and while I like Chrome’s speed, features, and overall stability, I do encounter occasional glitches.

For example, I recently discovered that my bookmarks weren’t syncing between my primary desktop (the one I use at home) and my laptop (the one I use everywhere else, natch). And Chrome’s baked-in bookmark-syncing capability is, in my opinion, one of its best features. Needless to say, this was mighty annoying.

I doubled-checked both PCs to make sure syncing was properly enabled. It was. (FYI, this feature is accessible by clicking the little wrench in the upper-right corner of the Chrome window, then clicking Options, then Personal Stuff.)

Just to clarify, the non-syncing bookmarks in question were those in my bookmarks bar (which spans the top of the screen, just below the address bar). I use that religiously for my most frequently visited sites.

The solution here proved to be a quick and easy one, and not unlike rebooting a glitchy PC. Basically, I just needed to disable syncing, then re-enable it.

On my laptop--the system that wasn’t pulling in the updated bookmarks--I opened the Options tab, then clicked Personal Stuff (as described above).

Next, I clicked Stop syncing this account. After Chrome disabled that feature, the button changed to Set up sync. I clicked that, followed by OK, sync everything. It took a few minutes, but when all was said and done, my laptop’s bookmarks were up to date.

I can’t promise this fix will work for you, but it’s definitely the first thing I’d try.

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