The New Autonomous ASIMO Could Serve You Your Next Drink

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Everyday we get a little closer to finally having our own personal robotic servants. Honda’s Robotics division unveiled an all-new ASIMO that’s lighter, more dexterous, and smart enough to be autonomous.

ASIMO was one of the first bipedal robots developed by the Honda Motor Company that went on to serve tea and conduct a symphony. Honda's latest iteration allows ASIMO to gather information about its surroundings and choose what it does next--and it does this without any commands from a human operator.

Honda developed a new system to accommodate for ASIMO’s “advanced intelligence.” The robot is equipped with sensors that provide the machine visual, auditory, and tactile senses. It compiles this data to create, examine, and predict its surroundings as well as situations around it. With the new sensor suite, ASIMO can play along with a party, recognize faces and voices, follow a conversation with multiple people who are speaking simultaneously, or just avoid a collision when it’s moving on its own.

On top of being more intelligent, the new ASIMO is even more nimble now that it’s slimmed off 6 kilograms--it now weighs in at 48 kg--and has increased its range of movement by 23 degrees of freedom. Honda redesigned its walking motion so that it can walk on uneven surfaces, run at a 9 km/h, run backwards, skip, or even hop on one leg.

ASIMO also had a brand new pair of multi-finger hands that allow it perform tasks like opening a bottle and pouring you a drink, or make sign language.


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