Skyrim Launch Party: 33 Degrees, Snow Coming Down

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True story: The car next to mine was covered in snow when I pulled into the parking lot for Skyrim's launch party last night a few minutes after midnight. I'm in southern Michigan, where snow's no big thing come November, but the other cars in the lot were ice-free, not a speck of white in sight—it's been unseasonably mild here, and we've yet to see our first dusting. I walked around back of this four-wheeled snow-topped anomaly, chunks of ice piled on its wipers, and sure enough: Michigan plates. Where had this guy come from?

Just as I was turning toward the line, I caught the car's owner walking back to his car from the store, a copy of Skyrim in hand and probably no interest in wasting time talking to me, but I asked anyway.

"Just down the road 15 miles, it's snowing," he replied, grinning like it was a gift. He looked down at the game then back at me, then said "I know, what are the chances?"

And with that, it started to drizzle, predicting the snow that starting falling about 30 minutes later, leaving a few trace piles on rooftops when I got up this morning.

Don't I already have Skyrim? Haven't I had it for weeks? Sure, and you can check out my review here, but I've been playing the console version, and the PC version looks miles better: sharper textures, no noticeable pop-in, mountains as far as the eye can see, and this is definitely a game you want to appreciate for how all that stuff comes together. I'd been planning to pick it up on Steam anyway, along with the collector's edition Prima tome, so I dropped by the store and bought a boxed copy, you know, for old time's sake. That's how much I dig this game.

The line was longer than the store manager expected, well over 100 people, out the door and down past several storefronts. Not as long as Modern Warfare 3, mind you, but a much bigger night for this particular store than the launch for Battlefield 3.

Overheard while standing in line: "I really hope Skyrim's good. I need a decent RPG. Modern Warfare 3 was [censored]. Makes me so mad."

And: "I've heard it's like Morrowind, which is so trippy, because Morrowind had those giant mushrooms, and you were like 'Dude, they live in the mushrooms, what's up with that?'"

And: "I'm sorry Dad, I thought I told you it'd cost this much."

So...everyone here have it? What do you think so far?

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