Best Budget All-in-One PCs (Under 23 Inches)

With screen sizes ranging between 18 and 21.6 inches, these all-in-ones offer a complete PC package without cramping your desk--or your budget.

The Best Budget All-in-Ones Around

Here's a quick, close-up look at the ten best budget all-in-one desktop PCs on the market today.

CyberNet iOne H5

Though the iOne H5 is somewhat unattractive, it offers a great swivel stand, and delivers powerful desktop PC performance in a basic business all-in-one package.

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HP Compaq 6000 Pro

HP’s business-centric Compaq 6000 Pro lacks some of the extras that many consumer-oriented all-in-ones include--and it's less cost-effective than its competitors as a result--but it provides strong, category-leading performance. Its readily accessible innards give you some room to tinker, too.

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HP TouchSmart 310

The HP TouchSmart 310 balances polish and performance, with a simple, impressive multitouch interface that belies a capable PC. It also boasts an integrated HDTV tuner. Regrettably, the port placement is frustrating, and the system doesn't have a true 1080p display.

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HP Omni 200 Quad

HP’s upgradable Omni 200 Quad PC kicks performance into high gear--but where are all the fashionable features? It lacks a touchscreen, and the quality of the speakers varies.

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Lenovo IdeaCentre A300

Despite lacking an optical drive, Lenovo's IdeaCentre A300 is an appealing all-in-one. It offers a wealth of connection options--including HDMI inputs and a TV tuner--in a stunning shell.

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Acer Veriton Z410G

The Veriton Z410G is well connected, but it lacks some of the bells and whistles of competing models and has an unappealing chassis. It does provide decent video-playback quality, however, as well as efficient multitasking.

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Facing tough competition at varying sizes and costs, and lacking diverse external connections, Sony's attractive all-in-one doesn't quite live up to its $1000 asking price. On the plus side, it offers Blu-ray support, along with excellent bundled software.

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MSI Wind Top AE2050

The inexpensive MSI Wind Top AE2050 provides compelling features, such as above-average display quality and USB 3.0 and HDMI connectivity. But several compromises and drawbacks--in particular, slow general performance and a center-heavy speaker setup--prevent it from surpassing its budget-priced peers.

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HP Omni 100

HP’s Omni 100 is an extremely inexpensive all-in-one PC with good image contrast and Wireless-N connectivity, but if you spend a little more elsewhere, you'll get a better deal. We saw poor general performance from this machine in our tests, and its wired connection is limited to 10/100 ethernet.

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HP 100B All-in-One

Attractive and business-ready, the HP 100B All-in-One has a nice, bright screen with good viewing angles, but it fails to deliver on performance and features.

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