Mouse Robot Blitzes Maze, Isn't as Cute as Real Mouse

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[Photo: Ng Beng Kiat]
If you've ever found a maze puzzle particularly difficult, prepare to be both amazed and ashamed. In fact, you may have just been beaten by a robotic mouse, which managed to complete a large maze in just 3.921 seconds at the 2011 All Japan Micromouse Robot Competition.

The winning micromouse, named Min 7.1, is the creation of Ng Beng Kiat, a veteran face at these types of micromouse events. His micromouse beats last year's winner by almost a second, which also means Ng Beng Kiat set a new world record.

The little robot, which incidentally looks very little like a mouse (or a computer mouse for that matter), weighs just 90 grams and is Ng Beng's first four-wheeled micromouse. In addition to being lightweight, Min7.1 can run at 3.5 meters per second.

When it tries out a maze for the first time, the integrated motion sensor helps it calculate when to run in a straight line and when to turn the corner--a possible explanation for why this little guy is such a champ. In other words, it was allowed to calculate its route through the maze at a steadier pace before it attempted its winning dash.

Either way, Min7.1 totally beats both humans and real mice to the end goal, without needing any satisfaction or treat at the end to tempt it. Watch as it blows its competition out the water:

[Ng Beng Kiat via Gizmodo]

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