PS Vita Memory Card Prices Revealed: Far From a Deal

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It's a slow Cyber Monday for game news, so if you're looking for info about the next Xbox or Sony's PlayStation 4 or Nintendo's plans to release a smartphone, well, I could make something up. Or I could just tell you about Sony's PlayStation Vita memory cards, which now have sticker prices, courtesy GameStop.

They'll sell for $30 to $120, looks like: $30 for 4GB, $45 for 8GB, $70 for 16GB, and $120 for 32GB. The prices just popped up on GameStop, under the "accessories" view.

For better or worse, the Vita, which costs $250 with Wi-Fi or $300 with both Wi-Fi and 3G, comes without inbuilt storage. And definitely for worse: The Vita's memory card format is proprietary. So you'll need to buy a card from Sony, probably the 16GB or 32GB options to handle all the full games you'll end up direct-downloading from the Sony game store.

That means you'll actually pay between $320 and $420 for a PS Vita, and that's before games, cases, or related accessories. What's more, the markup for identically-sized cards in other Sony formats ranges from three to six times as much.

Upset? I suppose some may be, but then Microsoft's got away with outrageously high prices on its memory units, wireless adapters, and hard drives for the Xbox 360 over the years, and customer still bought those in droves. Nothing says "mad (but not mad enough)" quite like millions of consumers snapping this stuff up at the going prices!

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