GeekBytes: Musical Microwaves. And Washing Machines. In Space.

GeekBytes is back for December 1, 2011's afternoon roundup, and we're loving household appliances--and so do the likes of NASA and BGH. Confused? Read on to find out why particular kitchen appliances are somewhat geeky today, and learn about a clever climbing robot and an interesting iPhone gadget.

NASA Is Looking For a Washing Machine

Can you believe that astronauts in the International Space Station have to wear their underwear for 3-4 days because there is no washing machine on the ISS? To combat the issue, NASA is currently trying to concoct a special washing machine specifically designed for space missions with the help of UMPQUA.

Turn Your iPhone Into a Desktop Phone

This gadget that turns your iPhone into a traditional desktop phone could be either ridiculously useless or ridiculously useful, depending on your perspective. Either way, simply clip in your iPhone (or even iPod) and that's it--you can make normal calls or video calls, and even go hands-free. It's available from Gizoo for $32.

Microwaves Get Musical!

Hate those horrible beeping noises your microwave makes once the food is done? Well, one appliance company in Argentina agrees, so it has made a limited-edition microwave that will play MP3s instead of a typical beep alarm. The BGH Quick Chef Music comes with a USB port, so all you need to do is add a flash drive of music to get it working. If I had this microwave, I think I would load it with a song like Final Countdown by Europe. Check out an example in the video. [via Gizmodo]

Robots Climb Ladders: No Escape From Them Now

Dream Robo is a ladder-climbing robot from Japanese company Muscle Corp, with help from a few other tech companies. This bot took only three months to build; it has five motors in various parts of its body that help it climb up various verticals. just remember: When you're hiding from the human-hating bots in the future, staying in high places is no longer a factor if you want to survive. [via Engadget]

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