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The Android platform has picked up steam since its 2008 debut, becoming the leading mobile platform. Over time, it's built a deep catalog of games, but it's hard to tell what's worth your time. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together a list of the best Android games you can buy.

Before getting into the list, let it be said that many of these Android games offer free, lite versions, so we encourage you to give many of them a try before you commit the cash. Also, since Android is a platform fragmented by so many different devices, not every Android game is guaranteed to work on your Android phone. All of these games were played and tested on a Motorola Droid X, using version 2.2 of the Android software. Additionally, some Android games fluctuate in price depending on their region of sale.

Apparatus / LITE

Apparatus tasks players with building machines to move marbles to a goal. It starts out almost insultingly easy, where the solution to one puzzle is setting a plank down over a gap, then becomes increasingly more difficult. The game's presentation is slick, and the puzzles are challenging. Multiple modes such as "sandbox" and the ability to play with other users' amazing creations as well as upload your own adds to the already high replay value of Apparatus. Rube Goldberg machine enthusiasts will be a kick out of building different contraptions in this game.

Backbreaker Football

NaturalMotion's Android version of its football game isn't much of a sports game, but actually more like a racing game with a football theme. Tilting the device to turn your runner while aiming for score spaces on your route to the end zone sounds easy, but your opposing tacklers are ready to knock you down at every turn. Backbreaker Football is complete with online leaderboards, multiple difficulty levels, unlockable trophies and helmets, and is certainly one of the most unique sports games on the platform.

Caligo Chaser / Free

Intuitive on-screen controls pair with bright visuals in this RPG-meets-beat-em-up. Caligo Chaser won't wow you with its story, but it impresses with a deep leveling system. The RPG elements of this game give just enough juice to keep players hooked, with a solid inventory and equipment system to boot. Players embark on many missions throughout their adventure, and regardless if some are fetch quests or not, traditional RPG fans looking to kill more than a few minutes will certainly enjoy their time with Caligo Chaser.

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