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Last time we looked at the best iPhone games in the mobile market, things were much different. Angry Birds ruled the land with an iron first, Doodle Jump had, er, jumped into the App Store to critical acclaim, Rage HD gave us a taste of id Software's next big thing, Infinity Blade pushed the boundaries of iOS technology, and a little title called Game Dev Story had put Kairosoft on the map. A handful of months later, some new sensations and indie gems are headlining our new list of "Top 15" favorite iPhone games.

But with so many excellent apps (and it's impossible to cover them all), we had to lay a few ground rules down. One, no ports of console or PC games like Street Fighter IV or Mega Man 2 -- those iOS titles will be getting special treatment further down the road. Also, the GamePro editors took an office poll to make sure that our Honorable Mentions included as many worthy games as possible. Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments, and give your special iOS games some love.

15 | Space Invaders Infinity Gene

Space Invaders Infinity Gene, one of the very first shooter games on the iPhone, is part of a series of recent strides by Taito Corporation in modernizing and updating the simple left-to-right single-shot formula of the original title. With Infinity Gene, each level branches out with a new challenge, depending on how you fight the swarms of enemy ships. Aside from being able to move in any direction via the iPhone touchscreen, different ships with different types of bullets become available later in the game.

While Space Invaders Infinity Gene packs a lot of content with achievements, hundreds of levels, a Challenge Mode, a Music Mode (which creates stages based on songs in your iPod's hard drive), and difficult bosses, the app's most recent update expands the gameplay more with a new Survival Mode.

14 | Real Racing 2

One of the most polished racing sims on the iPhone, Real Racing 2 builds upon the first installment with more cars, tracks, and races. Graphically, the game is stellar: races go by at a speedy framerate with realistic sound effects to boot. Control-wise, Real Racing 2 stays engaging by giving players the option to use the iPhone's accelerometer to steer your vehicle of choice (or, you can use easier control schemes to handle auto-acceleration or auto-braking in your car).

Aside from bumping up the vehicle count to 30 and including a deep career mode, Real Racing 2 also features substantial multiplayer challenges with offline time trials, 16-player online, and 8-player local matches -- plus global leaderboards.

13 | Pizza Boy

While developer Acne Play has a name you wouldn't want to associate with food, their iOS game Pizza Boy does the team proud with a delectable serving of old-school platforming gameplay. As the titular hero, it's up to you to track down stolen pizza across a variety of classic level archetypes, like lava and ice worlds. While a short adventure, Pizza Boy has some legs on the campaign thanks to unlockables, collectibles, and bonus areas.

Also, make sure you give a listen to the music over at -- the tracks are catchy, and sound just like early 1990s games.

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