Call Google, Ford shows wearable car tech any DIY-Maker-Faire geek could do


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Here’s something else to blame on Google Glass. Wearables are insanely trendy, even though many haven’t proven their usefulness (or even shipped).

ces 2014 hyundai genesis google glass app 100224614 orig Image: Melissa Riofrio

Google Glass isn’t even a real product yet, but nevertheless, carmakers are eagerly showing off Glass apps. 

Meanwhile, all sorts of carefully designed and safety-tested car technologies are either taken for granted or viewed with sometimes-undeserved suspicion.

So I don’t blame Ford for trying to get a little attention with this parody photo of what it would look like if someone tried to replace common car technologies with some taped-on and/or wearable kludges. Ford even waited for a special occasion—Embrace Your Geekness Day.

geekguy Ford

You needn’t suffer in a tech-deprived car. Just strap on this stuff for your next road trip and you’ll be as connected as ever. Click to enlarge.

Missed that holiday? Conceived and copyrighted by Wellcat Holiday (and be warned, that link is to a shockingly primitive website), it had the misfortune this year of falling on Sunday, when, you know, World Cup. 

It’s a silly little stunt (and since when did geeks get their own holiday?!), though you can tease a point out of it: Car tech is complicated. Even the geek-heavy Maker Faire crowd couldn’t get much closer than this guy does to a reasonable facsimile. But Americans love their duct-taped workarounds, so don’t be too surprised if you see some guy trying this in a tech-deprived 1978 Ford Fairmont (Full disclosure: My family owned one), or even on a bicycle. 

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