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We nominated, we debated, we yelled and argued. But after much deliberation, the GamePro staff has created the definitive list of downloadable PS3 games on the Sony Playstation Network. In this guide to the best of PSN, we discuss everything from addictive beat-em-ups to shooters to some absolutely fantastic platformers. This list will constantly evolve based on new releases, so be sure to check back for the latest updates as new games knock old favorites down the list.

15 | The Last Guy

If video games have taught us anything, it's that mankind's chances for survival in a monster-apocalypse are slim to none. Hilariously, The Last Guy lives and breathes on this idea, as you play the titular character, whose sole responsibility is to guide hundreds of survivors safety across large urban cities. As you collect more survivors, your group will invariably be harder to guide, and therein lies half the fun of the game.

None of this is a serious as it sounds, though. The Last Guy gives you the ultimate version of a "top-down" view, as the game looks like you're directing ants through Google Map versions of famous cities. This is how you'll eventually start to manage survival groups numbering in the hundreds, represented by a frantic, screaming mob that steadfastly follows your "Last Guy" in line formation. It's quirky, a great mix of "Snake" and "Lemmings," and even when you lose, it's downright hilarious to see your helpless mob of dependents get eaten by roaming 5-mile-long centipedes.

14 | Trash Panic

By now, you'd think that the Tetris formula has been improved on so many times that developers would stop trying to modify it. Luckily, that's not the case with Trash Panic -- a weird little game from Sony's Japanese branch that takes an everyday house chore and turns it into an addictive puzzler.

We've all had the same problem before: sometimes when taking out the trash, there's an oblong object taking up too much space at a weird angle. When that happens, we have to do an irritating amount of shuffling to find enough space for all the garbage at once. Strangely enough, Trash Panic took this idea and actually built a game around the concept.

Starting with an empty garbage tank, you sort trash into it from a conveyor belt, dropping in one piece at a time. Where Tetris has you lining blocks to clear space, Trash Panic tasks you with crushing certain breakable items with other objects -- like smashing an old guitar with a microwave. While it sounds simple, Trash Panic's gameplay throws enough curves at you that you'll feel the pressure to keep your garbage from overflowing. But unlike trash duties in real life, it's actually fun to go digging through these waste bins (especially when you start dropping matches onto the special, flammable items).

13 | Dead Nation

It's not hard to make a zombie-shooter video game. From amateur Flash-based browser games to random iPhone apps, the concept of giving players a wheelbarrow full of guns and letting them those on escalating waves of enemies is nothing new. But what sets Dead Nation apart from the pack is the atmosphere, polish, and refined gameplay. Although you're chopping away at an unending stream of enemies, doing it skillfully and efficiently working in your favor, and you'll rack up points as you get better at the game. To say the least, it's a bit addictive.

Not only are you constantly mowing down tons of undead, but the game also rewards your tenacity with gun upgrades, armor, money, and score multipliers. Even the multiplayer aspect of the game is better than it was at launch, as it currently supports voice chat. Knowing how to distract the zombies comes in handy, too, as they're "realistically" attracted to noise and bright lights. Setting traps, chokepoints, and strategic plans on the fly requires a good deal of thought, and coordinating with a buddy will require some solid co-op teamwork. Graphically, the game holds its own against the best PSN games in the network as well, with bloody dismemberments and great lighting effects complimenting the explosive gunplay.

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