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The Android platform has picked up steam since its 2008 debut, becoming the leading mobile platform. Over time, it's built a deep catalog of games, but it's hard to tell what's worth your time. What's more, paying for a handful of games can be less cost-effective than the direction this free games list will steer you.

Usually when you get a game for free, your don't have very high expectations. But with one look at the following list, we definitely think the Android platform has some great games that will cost you no more than some space on your phone.

9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011

Com2uS's 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011 combines satisfying-yet-simple gameplay controls with addicting RPG elements into one of the best free games on Android. Much like battling and grinding levels in a Pokemon game, the sport of baseball in 9 Innings 2011 is a means to an end, as players will keep coming back for the card-based roster management and upgrade system. Leveling up players and combining cards feels as much like building a winning ball club as it feels like putting together a perfect squad in an RPG. The in-game currency and collection-based fun places this amongst the top baseball games available, on any platform.


This game is time-wasting at its best. “Sort of a game,” Alchemy has you mixing together elements of all kinds to create new ones. Dragging icons onto one another to create combinations, the fun really comes from players intuitively figuring out how elements will react. For example, mixing a vampire and a werewolf together, once you obtain those two elements, gives you the Twilight series. Alchemy is quirky and addicting, and the ad-supported free version is worth a try for all Android owners.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds has become something of a phenomenon. Arguably the most popular iPhone game, these birds have made a nest in Android, and should be downloaded by all Android owners. Performance between Android devices may vary, but the action ultimately stays the same: fling birds at towers of blocks, and try to take out the green pigs that stole your eggs. Angry Birds is cute, but stays challenging when you try to obtain a three-star ranking on the harder levels. The free version is ad-supported, which can be intrusive at times, but the price just can’t be beat.

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