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While the iPhone changed how people think about video games, the iPad changed the limits of what we thought iOS game could do. Not only do all of the iTunes apps enjoy an even larger touch screen, but the iPad's boost in processing power also helps make HD gaming possible on the way to work, school, or home. With that in mind, we've selected the 15 best iPad games that you can get from the App Store now.

Keeping in line with our iPhone list, we've to set a few ground rules down to keep the app selection manageable. One, no ports of console or PC games like Osmos or Plants vs. Zombies -- those iOS titles will be getting special treatment further down the road. Also, the GamePro editors took a small office poll to make sure that our Honorable Mentions included as many worthy games as possible. Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments, and give your personal favorite iPad games some love.

15 | Mirror's Edge for iPad

It's a shame that the console version of Mirror's Edge never generated just enough in sales to warrant a sequel, but luckily, a follow-up does exist for the iPad. Rather than the sometimes motion-sickness-including first person perspective, this mobile version instead turns Faith's adventure into a much more traditional platformer. However, the trickiness of Faith's parkour-inspired move is much the same, as player have to carefully timing her wall runs, long jumps, and other aerial feats.

Why It's Better on iPad: Well, it's only available on the iPad. But aside from that, the graphics are stellar for an iOS game. Also, the larger screen lets you go head-to-head against a friend thanks to split-screen action.

14 | Fruit Ninja HD

Sure, Fruit Ninja has a concept that's equal parts ridiculous and self-explanatory, but the execution makes it an awesome pick-up-and-play app. Just like it says on the tin, you're essentially either racing the clock or playing target practice as you swipe the iPad screen to "slash" pieces of fruit right down the middle. Once you're done perfecting your stroke and collecting the different kinds of blades, you can go online and climb the constantly-shifting leaderboards, too.

Why It's Better on iPad: As far as we know, it's pretty easy to get into a chopping frenzy and suddenly drop your iPhone, but playing on the iPad is totally different. For one thing, setting it down on a table chop and pretending you're a DJ (or a Benihana chef) is pretty awesome. Plus, the larger the screen, the more accurately you can chop-chop.

13 | Forget-Me-Not

Although you can easily describe Forget-Me-Not a "Pac-Man with a Gun," the truth is that this game is a both a love letter and throwback to the old arcade games of the 1980s. From the sound effects to the graphics, Nyarlu Labs has crafted a retro experience that shows not every iOS game has to be a console mimicking HD project. In the game itself, you have to shoot everything that moves while collecting dots and fruits -- or, you can grind the maze walls and build up enough energy to body slam the ghosts outright.

Why It's Better on iPad: Forget-Me-Not is an experience best enjoyed with the "Fling" joystick on the large touchscreen. Just trust us. You'll love the game all the more.

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