GeekBytes: Raving Wheelchairs and Noise-Making Boxes

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It's the end of the working day, meaning it's time for one thing here on GeekTech: GeekBytes! Today, GeekBytes checks out the brightest wheelchair to date, an extremely sleek speaker and a music box that replays the tune it hears.

LED Project Makes Wheelchair Visible Anywhere

Here's one way to make a wheelchair awesome: add RGB LED lighting to it! Corey on the Adafruit forums made his wheelchair really colorful so he could navigate tight corners and such in the dark, but this would also be awesome for raves. It's controlled by an Arduino board, and has 14 different modes he can pick from, from a simple bright white light to the very illuminating "Xmas theme". Check out the video to see the LED strips in action:

Transparent Speaker Prototype Is Beautifully Simple

A Swedish design company created a speaker that's designed to blend into the background rather than compete with everything else in your living room or office. Dubbed just "Speaker", its body is transparent and it uses minimal wiring. The speaker is plugged into a computer or phone via a wifi antenna and also would come flatpacked. Sadly, you can't buy one just yet, but it would make a welcome fixture to any gadget freak's wall. [via Boing Boing]

Echo Box Repeats Your Rythm

Here's an interesting hack--it's called the Echo Box, and it plays back whatever you tap on its lid. It picks up the tapping on the top of it due to a piezo element, which creates a current. A second after your tapping stops, the current will help the box will play the beat back to you, albeit slightly quicker. The repeated sound comes from a motor that copies the tapping by spinning, and an inner box that rubs against the outer shell. Check out the video to hear the strange noise the contraption makes:

[via Hack A Day]

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