X1 Improves Search with Facebook Updates and Twitter Tweets

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X1 is making waves again with it’s fast-as-you-can-type search tool. X1 Pro 7 now lets you search social network posts, and webmail in addition to local email and documents on the PC.

According to an X1 press release announcing the availability of the public beta of X1 Pro 7, “Professionals waste hours of valuable time searching for information and re-creating work. A recent X1 survey found that the average amount of time lost due to searching for emails and files amounts to approximately $9324 per person, per year.”

I had almost forgotten about X1, but it is quickly becoming indispensible once again.
Users communicate using a wide variety of methods, which means that the data is now spread out across more diverse sites and applications. X1’s survey found that 40 percent of professionals use social media for business. That figure may be low, or misleading if it only indicates those with company-specific social network profiles, as opposed to those who use social networks as a means of networking and communicating about business topics.

I used to be an avid X1 user until Microsoft stole its thunder. I do rely heavily on the Windows Desktop Search capabilities, though, to find documents and information more efficiently without having to remember where I put them and navigate to them the hard way.

There have been a number of occasions in the past year or so that I have tried to recall something I wrote in a Facebook status update, or Twitter tweet, or something that someone in my social network shared with me. The problem is that there is no elegant way to search for that information--even if you know up front which social network the information is located on.

X1 Pro 7 can now index and search Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and AOL Mail accounts, Facebook updates by you and your contacts, and up to five million Twitter tweets. The new version also adds support for 64-bit Outlook, and has a completely redesigned interface.

With the new interface, X1 can actually be your communications hub rather than just a search tool. With my Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, and Twitter accounts set up, I can see incoming posts and messages in real time, and send new emails, tweets, and status updates, in addition to being able to search the information.

When it comes to search, X1 is arguably the best tool for the job. As fast as I can type a query, or keywords to search for, X1 displays the emails, documents, and social networking content that meet the criteria. The beauty of X1 is that I don’t have to know up front whether I am looking for an email, or a document, or a tweet—I can just type what I am looking for and voila!

There is a caveat, though. I have found that I need to try and be as specific as possible. I tried a search for a vague, yet popular term--“pizza”--and got hundreds, possibly thousands of results. I was surprised how much my social networks talk about, or use the word “pizza”. So, in order to find my cousin’s recipe for homemade BBQ chicken pizza, it is much more helpful to actually search for “BBQ chicken pizza” or something along those lines to narrow the results as much as possible.

Between the social network aspects in this new version, and the X1 Mobile tool launched a few months ago, X1 is quickly becoming an indispensible productivity tool for me once again.

A public beta of X1 Pro 7 is available today as a free download. The official version will be available in Q1 2012 for $49.95.

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