Magnetapult Uses Magnets to Hurl Objects, Might Be Overkill for Cubicle Warfare

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[Photo: Cadabra Labs on Kickstarter]
Ever wonder what keeps your foes at bay in the workplace? I’ll tell you: Firepower. If you find yourself lacking in that department, you’ll want to take a look at the Magnetapult project by Cadabra Labs on Kickstarter.

It’s a sturdy but simple structure that uses powerful magnets to create a small, medieval-style catapult. Though perhaps not as glamorous as the Nerf repeater gun or a Super Soaker, the Magnetpult packs some serious power; it’ll fire projectiles up to 16 Gs and a distance of “about 40 times the length of the firing arm”.

We wouldn't recommend flinging projectiles at others, though: Put a golf ball in there and one or your coworkers may end up needing some dental work. That, my friends, is a testament to the power of magnets. As the project page explains:

“This project uses two very powerful magnets to accelerate the launching arm and projectile. You should avoid this project if you wear a pacemaker or are in any way negatively affected by powerful magnets. Be super careful assembling this kit because if your fingers are caught between the two magnets, they will pinch, and it does hurt if they do! Do NOT hold each magnet with just your fingers and see how close you can get them, as they WILL fly out of your grip and collide, possibly sending off shards of magnet at high speed!”

It’s still a work in progress, however; they’re looking for good projectiles to include with the product. If you’ve got a suggestion about where to get foam balls in bulk (as opposed to the golf ball I mentioned), they’ll give you a free Magnapult!

They’re looking for $5000 by January 8 and have only raised $855 to date, so if you like the idea then you may want to pitch in and support quality desktop munitions.


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