10 Office Stocking Stuffers Under $60

Whether practical or just for fun, these gifts will surprise and delight the office dweller on your list this holiday season.

10 Office Stocking Stuffers Under $60

If you’re shopping for someone who spends most of their day in the office, why not give them something that will accompany them for the better part of the day? These tools and toys (plus accessories to keep everything powered) can brighten any office space.

Safe Smartphone Case

Scientists don’t quite agree on whether cell phone radiation causes cancer. If you know someone who is on their phone all the time, you can help them play it safe with a smartphone case by Pong; this case is designed to reduce the amount of radiation that the user is exposed to, without affecting the phone’s signal strength.

Pong | $50 to $60

Grass-Filled Charging Station

A touch of green can brighten a cubicle, but who needs grass that just sits there making oxygen? This grass can charge gadgets--or, at least, it can hide the cables that charge those gadgets.

ThinkGeek | $25

USB Fish Tank

If fake grass isn't enough of a hint of life, you can give live fish inside this USB-powered aquarium, which also serves as a clock and a pen holder. The low-voltage pump pulls water through an under-gravel filtration system to keep the water fresh and oxygenated, and the interior lights change color. While it isn't big enough for goldfish--the tank holds only 1.5 quarts--minnows and other smaller fish should be happy.

Fascinations, via Amazon | $30

Multitool With USB

You know what a Swiss Army knife needs? USB, of course. That's right, in addition to the classic knife, scissors, file, ballpoint pen, and LED flashlight, this Swiss Army multitool comes with a USB flash drive.

Swiss Knife Shop | $45 for 2GB, $55 for 4GB

Set of Laser Pointers (LED Light, UV LED Light, Laser Pointer)

Every businessperson who makes presentations in front of crowds needs a good laser pointer to highlight the key points projected in a slideshow (or to tease cats). Pick up this six-pack, and you can give gifts to your team. Each laser pointer also comes with an LED flashlight and a UV LED light.

Amazon | $12


Nothing says "Dude, your music is really annoying" like a good set of headphones for the guy at the desk next to yours. Affordable, stylish, and--most important--closed-ear, headphones like the pair shown here are sure to keep the sound in your neighbor's ears and out of yours.

Amazon | $46

Retro Handset

If you're sitting at your desk, you’d probably prefer that your phone look like a standard desk phone rather than a smartphone. With options in both Bluetooth and wired, this handset offers that old-school appearance for anyone who wants to talk on their cell phone at the office without holding the phone to their head. The handset can even charge through an open USB port.

Bluetooth version: Brookstone | $25

Wired version: Amazon | $30

Power Squid

Unfortunately, not everything can run on USB power. Save your friends from the frustration of a power strip crowded with huge adapters: Give them a Power Squid, which separates each outlet onto the end of its own “tentacle” so that one large adapter won’t block multiple outlets.

Amazon | $20

RC Helicopter

This little helicopter is stable indoors and easy to control in small spaces, such as an office cubicle. Just imagine sitting at your desk and seeing this little whirlybird float over the cube wall. How cool would that be?

Amazon | $25

Premium USB Flash Drive

Your friends deserve only the best. While the 32GB of storage space should be enough to convince you to pick up a few of these flash drives for your pals or colleagues, the leather trim is what really makes this drive-and-keychain combo stand out from the crowd.

Amazon | $36

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