The Clutch Looks Like More Than Just Another iPad Case

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[Photo: DC Mobile Design]
Let’s face it: This is a world that’s packed to capacity with iPad cases. Do we really need one more? If you’ve seen the Clutch by DC Mobile Design, you might be willing to say “yes”.

Using a snap-on frame to attach a cylindrical handle, it’s less of a “case” than a system of handling your iPad. With it, you can comfortably hold an iPad in portrait or landscape orientation while on the move without getting your greasy meathooks all over the screen. Once you put your iPad down, the adjustable handle props it up at an angle (how much of an angle is up to you) and comfortably view or type away.

“It’s comfortable in any sized hand,” says Jamie Daigle of DC Mobile Design in the Kickstarter video. “Also, you can store your cables inside the handle” he continues while showing how the end of the cylinder pops off to reveal a hollow interior holding a coiled-up USB cable.

What’s particularly nice about the Clutch is that the handle can be repositioned to prop the iPad up in either orientation at very steep or shallow angles. Other devices will give it some elevation, but the Clutch can range from a barely-slanted-towards-you level to nearly-upright, like a picture frame.

They’re looking for a stiff $75,000 by January 18, 2012… and are only up to a little over $3000 as of this writing. If, therefore, you’d like to get your hands on a Clutch of your own it might not be a bad idea to head over to Kickstarter and open up your wallet.


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