Keypad Watch Is Ridiculously Awesome, Awesomely Ridiculous

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[Photo: Watchismo]
Need a watch that not only shows off your geek cred, but also looks at home in an office and does away with the typical watch face design? If something totally crazy is something that would float your boat, consider the very quirky Keypad Watch.

The only thing watch-like about the Keypad Watch is the strap. From there, it gets completely crazy and impratical--but in such a cool way. The actual watch face is made up of the keys you would expect to find on a calculator or the keypad on a PC's keyboard, each fitted with little lights. Pressing the keypad makes the lights blink in a sequence to inform you of the time (for example, it'll flash 0-7-3-0 if it's 7:30), but you'd have to keep a close eye to make sure you're getting it right!

These retro-styled watches can display the time using both the 24-hour system or 12-hour system, show today's date (by pressing the hash), and come in a variety of key colors. This individuality comes at a price: You'll have to put aside $90 to cover the cost. Still, you can't deny that this watch is so daft that it's awesome.

Check out the video below detailing how to use one:

[Watchismo via Wired]

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