Origami iPhone Dock Will Save You Money as Long as Paper Exists

[Photo: Dessine moi un object]
It certainly doesn't amplify the speakers or come with built-in digital features, but this simple, do-it-yourself iPhone dock will undoubtedly save you time and money.

Recently rediscovered by Macgasm, this two-year-old origami design will support your iPhone with nothing more than these three tools: Paper, scissors, and a ruler.

Sure, you'll technically need a computer and printer to get the pattern, but learning the trick by memory will cut down the process. If you were lucky enough to happen upon this back in the day, you could nab the layout for free, but it now costs five dollars for the official PDF with instructions. We still think that's a much better price than 50 dollars, 150 dollars, or a whopping $30,000 price tag.

Still, that five bucks gets you an iPhone kit that'll last forever — as long as paper exists, we mean. When everything goes digital and we're traveling through space with holographic notepads, you're probably going to be out of luck. Do you think this handy paper stand still holds up after two years?

[Dessine moi un object (French) and Make Magazine via Macgasm]

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