10 Luxurious, Executive-Class Tech Gifts

If you have a high-flying, tech-savvy executive on your holiday shopping list, wow them with one of these luxe gifts.

The Sky's the Limit

If you're looking for the perfect luxury tech gift to wow the executive on your holiday shopping list--whether the recipient is your has-everything cousin or a boss you really need to impress--look no further. We've rounded up ten high-class, high-tech gadgets that you might even be able to afford--that is, with a little help from your generous end-of-year bonus.

Domenico Vacca iPad Case

If your favorite exec already has an iPad, why not pick up a luxury alligator-skin case to contain it? This iPad case from the house of designer Domenico Vacca comes in 25 colors and is made in Italy with genuine alligator skin. It'll run you about $3900.

Get it: Domenico Vacca (email or call 212/759-6333)

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Gold-Plated iPad 2

Apple's latest tablet makes an excellent gift. In the interest of luxury, however, you may want to choose a tablet with a little more shine--such as this gold-plated iPad 2 from Crystal Rocked. You can buy a 32GB version with Wi-Fi and 3G for about $2150, or a 64GB version with Wi-Fi and 3G for $2275. If you think $2275 is still a little cheap for an iPad 2, check out Stuart Hughes's $8,000,000 Gold History Edition--it sports 53 diamonds (12.5 carats), and only two exist in the world.

Get it: Crystal Rocked
Get it: Stuart Hughes (yes, it's still available)

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Platinum Mouse

Here's a (sort of) affordable shiny trinket: a modern-looking corded mouse with both touch and click modes, four-way navigation buttons, and a detachable Micro-USB cable. The Sphere 2 is a circular ergonomic mouse by OreObject, and it comes in three different materials: titanium, 24-karat gold, or platinum. You can pick up the platinum mouse for $320.

Get it: OreObject

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Casa Bugatti Diva Espresso Maker

Why should your gift recipient have to get up from the desk (or call an intern) to grab a cup of coffee? Let your busy executive relax and get that caffeine high in luxury with this Casa Bugatti Diva Espresso maker, which is on sale for $800 from It's both stylish and useful.

Get it: Amazon

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LaCie Christofle 4GB Flash Drive

Yes, at just $130 the LaCie Christofle silver-plated flash drive is hardly as bank-breaking as the rest of the items on this list. (But remember: You're paying $130 for a 4GB flash drive--ordinarily such a drive usually runs you about $0 these days.) The Christofle flash drive is stylishly designed and comes with 4GB of Wuala online storage.

Get it: LaCie

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Audio Bulb Wireless Speaker Light Bulbs

Appropriate for the music-loving exec, these two light bulbs ($299 for a pair) are also wireless speakers that can play music directly from an iPod, an iPhone, or any device with an auxiliary output (read: headphone jack). Also, they provide light--it's the perfect way to install a speaker system on the sly in an otherwise stuffy office.

Get it: Frontgate

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Gold-Plated Kindle

This is the perfect gift for executives who travel often and enjoy easy-to-read E Ink screens. Amosu Couture's 24-karat gold-plated Kindle has Wi-Fi and 3G and costs about $1550.

Get it: Amosu Couture

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Louis Vuitton BlackBerry Case

Though Android devices and iPhones are popular these days, BlackBerrys still rule the business world. Give your favorite executive's BlackBerry a luxury makeover with this $290 Louis Vuitton BlackBerry case.

Get it: Louis Vuitton

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iRobot Roomba 780

Here's another expensive yet totally practical gift: a Roomba 780 robotic vacuum cleaner for $600. Executives, as everyone knows, rarely have time on their hands to do housework (sure, they could hire a housekeeper, but Roombas are cooler and more high-tech), so they're sure to appreciate this little robotic helper. The Roomba 780 has sleek touch controls, and comes with two virtual-wall lighthouses.

Get it: iRobot

Novera Victoria Choker for Bluetooth

For the stylish exec who doesn't want to bother with ugly Bluetooth headsets, check out the Novera Victoria choker. This necklace, made of natural lapis lazuli beads, has a detachable earpiece for going hands-free in style. It features 4 hours of talk time, 100 hours of standby time, and Bluetooth 2.1 support. It costs $1099.

Get it: Saks Fifth Avenue

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