Portal 2 Science Kit Has Talking, Evil Potato GLaDOS

Let's set aside a quick disclaimer before we get started. Although it would be incredible if this Portal 2 GLaDOS module could actually be powered by a simple potato, this science kit is actually powered by a CR2030 battery. So, you're not really achieving the time-honored tradition of lighting things up with phosphoric acid, but you can probably plug a light bulb into this thing somewhere.

Regardless of the gap in actual science, ThinkGeek is selling the Portal 2 PotatOS Science Kit just in time for Christmas, and it's probably a good way to get little Jimmy interested in building his own gadgets and do-it-yourself projects. At least, until the potato calls him an idiot. Then he's probably just going to want to cook the potato and eat it.

However, if someone out there wants to jury-rig this thing so that it actually does run off a potato (or maybe a few dozen lemons would do) without the aid of a battery, that would certainly be some truly impressive tech-wizardry.


McKinley Noble is a former GamePro staff editor, current technology nerd and eternal mixed martial arts enthusiast. He also likes Japanese sports dramas and soap operas. Follow him on Twitter or just Google his name.

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