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Although mobile phones have come a long way in the photography world, taking high-quality macro pictures isn't quite within the realm of modern design. After all, it took years just to get built-in flashes working correctly on phones. But if you don't want to stuff your jacket pockets with bulky lens attachments, there's a much more simple solution available.

Spotted over at The Red Ferret Journal, the "Easy Macro Cell Lens Band" is surprisingly low-tech for something that fits any kind of smartphone. Built from little more than what appears to be a single macro lens and a bright blue rubber band, about the only cause for worry seems to the durability of the strap. And even if you do accidentally break it, the $15 price tag shouldn't make you feel like you lost too much money in the investment.

Even if you're a crack photographer, the real marketability here seems to be ease of use. It doesn't look like the rubber banding takes up much space or adds too much a smart phone's girth. Judging by the manufacturer's supplied photography, the iPhone seems to be their favored model of choice -- but you'll want to stow the accessory elsewhere if you're making a few calls, as it blocks the ear receiver.

Don't rush to the Photojojo Store to buy one quite yet, though. According to the product page, the lens accessory is out of stock until next year. Perhaps by then, it'll come in gunmetal black.

[Photojojo Store via The Red Ferret Journal]

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