Dragon Age III May Draw Inspiration from Skyrim

So Dragon Age II, do we need to talk about this? What a mess of a slick-looking mostly action-adventure game and an enormous letdown from a company that's been stuck in a developmental rut since Knights of the Old Republic, turning out clones of the latter designed, one assumes, to appeal to a niche, hardcore, D&D-obsessed audience.

Star Wars: The Old Republic's positive early vibes notwithstanding, perhaps Bioware's finally seen the light by way of Bethesda's Skyrim. BioWare bigwig (CEO, co-founder) Ray Muzyka just told Wired that as the company looks to games like Dragon Age III, he's paying close attention to what his rivals are up to.

"[The next Dragon Age] is gonna have the best of features from the prior Dragon Age games, but it's also gonna have a lot of things I think players are gonna find compelling from some of the games that are out now that are doing really well with more of an open world feel," said Muzyka.

"We're checking [Skyrim] out aggressively. We like it. We're big admirers of [Bethesda] and the product," he continued, adding "We think we can do some wonderful things."

But then he goes on to defend Dragon Age II, calling it "innovative," which...okay, I'll stop now. Let's just say that from start to finish, that game and I were anything but friendly.

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