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It's that time of the day again where GeekBytes serves up stories we just weren't able to give the love they deserved. Today, check out some amazing Lego accessories, cheat at finding Waldo (the geek way), and a last minute Christmas idea.

QR Code Gift Tags Make a Fun Game

Looking for something to go along with that Minecraft wrapping paper we covered yesterday? Dad Thadd Brooks is always thinking up ways to stop his kids trying to guess what Santa got them for Christmas, so he created QR code gift tags. Watch your family get frustrated as they try and guess who each present is for using their smartphones. The best part: He created a QR code generator just in case you want to print some out too.

Find Waldo With Clever Image Processing

Okay, this is still technically cheating, no matter how smart it is. Sometimes finding Waldo is frustrating, even for adults. But Nick Pisarro and others created an image processing formula in Mathematica that dims out all colors in "Where's Waldo?" except red, making Waldo easier to find. That's a lot of math just to win at a popular kids book, don't you think?

Lego Jewelry Is The Only Accessory to Buy Your Partner

There are plenty of geeky clothes and gadgets out there, but what about jewelry? Seeplus now has on offer cute Lego earrings and two-finger rings, in a variety of colors. Not only do I think these look cool as they are, but you can also add Lego objects on top of them too, therefore making them suitable for any almost any occasion. Going somewhere classy? Pick up the gold or silver plated ring from $250, or earrings from $50. I'll take one ring in every color please, Santa. [via Oaklandish on Facebook]

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