Giant Lego Machine Moves Balls Around an Insane, Amazing Course

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We’ve seen our fair share of Lego machinations here at GeekTech, but this infinite ball contraption setup put together by YouTube user ctx0075 is possibly the longest and most awesome yet. The LEGO Awesome Machine's only function is to run miniature plastic basketballs and soccer balls though a circular course.

This ball circuit takes approximately eight minutes to complete, with balls getting lifted on ferris wheel, dumped from a truck, moved on a train, there’s also an excavator and bulldozer, a stair-master of sorts, Pachinko, and just about every way you could imagine moving balls. All of this is done through entirely mechanized Lego blocks, a little ingenuity, some gravity, and a hell-of-a-lot of timing.

Unfortunately, ctx0075 does not leave any information on how it was built or how long it took. The YouTube video description only contains a single question in Polish; “Marzenie każdego dużego chłopca?”--that roughly translates to “the dream of every big boy?”

Ctx0075 has a few other videos of his Lego creations, including a pneumatic Lego spider walker that looks a lot like the mechanical menace from the movie Wild Wild West. Apparently, these mechanical Lego ball-moving contraptions are everywhere. A quick YouTube search on “Lego ball machine” brings up about 1,240 results and there’s a whole community/movement behind it called the LEGO Great Ball Contraption.

[ctx0075 on YouTube via via Geekosystem]

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