The No-IT Guide to Business Security

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A business is a business. Although small and medium-size businesses generally don’t have an IT admin—never mind a staffed IT department—they still have to deal with security threats, manage risk, and maintain compliance with regulatory and industry security mandates, just like their larger counterparts.

Implementing effective security and data protection in-house requires a network infrastructure and servers for the security solutions to run on. Of course, those devices and related software need to be managed and maintained as well, and that takes IT skills and resources most small businesses don’t have.

By using cloud-based services such as Symantec.cloud, small and medium businesses can employ enterprise-grade tools on an SMB budget and leave the maintenance of the back-end hardware to Symantec as part of the package.

Who Is Going to Maintain It?

You can install endpoint protection and data backup solutions on your own network. But those tools are part of your infrastructure, and they don’t stand alone. They require servers, switches, and other hardware and software resources—and someone has to manage and maintain that entire back-end infrastructure.

Someone has to be responsible for making sure that the server operating system is patched and up to date and that the hardware has the latest firmware. Someone has to monitor server performance and troubleshoot network issues.

For most small and medium-size businesses, there simply isn’t anyone available with the knowledge, skill, and available time to properly manage the hardware and network back end. That’s why a cloud-based solution makes so much sense for smaller businesses.

IT Department Included

A number of benefits make cloud-based services a great solution for businesses of all sizes. Companies can manage costs by only paying for the services they need while enjoying the flexibility to quickly scale up with company growth or to meet spikes in demand.

Cloud-based solutions also have an advantage as you meet the needs of today’s increasingly distributed workforce. More workers are connecting to network resources and getting work done from remote locations, and businesses need tools that can address security and data protection needs no matter where the users are working.

For small and medium-size businesses, though, one of the greatest benefits of cloud-based services is that you don’t need to hire your own IT department to manage it. You have to configure and oversee the security and backup itself, but the infrastructure it runs on is Symantec’s responsibility. For the cost of an annual subscription to a given service, the business gets the protection required and the IT skills and resources necessary to manage its server and network infrastructure and keep it up to date.


Symantec has the cloud-based solutions that small and medium-size businesses need. Symantec Endpoint Protection.cloud and Backup Exec.cloud deliver big business security and data protection for small business budgets.

Symantec Endpoint Protection.cloud includes antivirus, antispyware, firewall, and host intrusion prevention protection to guard your endpoint PCs against malware and hackers. Symantec Backup Exec.cloud ensures that your files are consistently and reliably backed up so you don’t lose crucial data.

Symantec offers the unique advantage of a single management console with which to view your management and backup practices and policies. You can manage Symantec.cloud solutions centrally from a browser, configuring policies and generating audit reports to monitor the security of your endpoints. Your endpoints and the data they contain are automatically and transparently protected as long as they remain connected to the Internet.

The best part, though, is that Symantec.cloud lets you focus on growing your business and satisfying your customers, while Symantec’s skilled IT staff makes sure the back-end servers and network infrastructure keep humming along. You can be sure that the servers and network resources that make up the backbone of your security and data protection tools are expertly managed and maintained—taken care of by the IT department you get as a bonus for subscribing to Symantec.cloud services.

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