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Your business will grow: more customers, more challenges, more work. That means hiring more employees, managing more PCs, and protecting more data as well.

What happens if you suddenly need to add ten users tomorrow? What will you do if the amount of data you need to back up suddenly doubles? Is your IT infrastructure agile enough to shift gears quickly, or will it be a stumbling block for your business’s growth?

Assess your IT security and data-protection needs. Consider the impact on those tools as your business grows, and make sure your infrastructure can keep up with your business. With Symantec.cloud services, you can develop a strategy for growth and avoid the pitfalls.

Growing Pains

A growing business can easily outgrow its computing and security infrastructure. Servers can become overloaded, storage devices can run out of space, software can reach its sell-by date. As you hit these walls, you have to invest in hardware and software to meet the needs of your expanding business.

One place to look for a solution to growing pains is Symantec.cloud services. Symantec.cloud offers the traditional Symantec tools and protection as a service, hosted on the Internet by Symantec.

Using Symantec.cloud services such as Symantec Endpoint Protection.cloud and Symantec Backup Exec.cloud provides the following benefits that can help your business grow painlessly.

  • It'sBusiness-Grade: Symantec is synonymous with information security, and Symantec.cloud services deliver the state-of-the-art protection Symantec is known for, from the cloud. No matter how small your business is, you need tools in place to secure and manage your endpoints, protect your data, and help your business meet compliance requirements.

    You need endpoint security and data-protection tools that are capable of safeguarding all of your users. More important, you need services that are easy to manage, and that enable you to see, at a glance, what is going on with your security.

    With Symantec.cloud services, you can manage your security from the Web, and your users are protected wherever they are as long as they can connect to the Internet. Security updates and data backups occur automatically, so your staff can focus on business.
  • It's Cost-Effective: When you purchase software to manage yourself, you often find it sold with volume licensing that forces you to buy more licenses than you need. That gives you some room to grow, but it means spending money now on unnecessary licenses. And when you eventually use up the licenses you’ve purchased, you’ll have to buy another batch that exceeds your needs.

    Symantec.cloud services work on a per-user-per-month subscription model. You pay only for the actual users you have, and whether you need to add one user, or ten, or one hundred, you can do so without incurring additional costs for unused services.
  • It's Scalable: As your business grows, you need tools and solutions that can grow—or scale—with it. Software that you purchase and install must be managed, along with the servers and other devices it runs on. You will reach a point where your business’s growth exceeds the capacity of your hardware.

    When you use cloud-based services such as Symantec.cloud, though, you simply pay for the service itself. The responsibility for expanding the underlying, back-end infrastructure falls on Symantec, so you can expand by as much or as little as you need with confidence.

Growing pains are part of every business. Symantec.cloud services deliver the industry-leading protection and cost-effective solutions that will let you focus on what you do best: running a growing business.

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