Weather Sensors Turned This House Into a Giant Synth Box

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Describing musician "MrQuintron" is a little tricky. Not only does he engage in old covers of obscure music and the occasional puppet music video, but he's apparently a savvy gadget wizard. Laughing Squid highlights that much being evident by the "Singing House", a year-long project that creates unique sounds out of weather patterns.

Described as an exercise in musical innovation, Quintron states that the noises created by the network of drone synthesizers strewn around this suburban dwelling does more than just produce lucid tunes. Holistic healing and mental relaxation come as a beneficial side effect to the Singing House, producing an atmosphere that's similar to that of white noise generators. In this house, everything from the sunrise to rain showers to a subtle breeze is picked up by the drone technology, where the input is then reprocessed into random music.

Quintron's roof sensor for sunlight can even harness the power of a lightning storm, turning the bolt of light into an extended low-pitch hum or whammy-like sound effect. Although the entire project looks like it's in working order, the video seems to indicate that it's not ready for public viewings quite yet. Ending the video is a "2013" tagline, so perhaps we'll see an even sleeker presentation in the fully finished version.

[Laughing Squid]

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