At One Point This Atari 2600 iPhone Dock Only Played Pong

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[Photo: Daniel McLeod on Etsy]
Video game fanatics will always have a soft spot for the Atari 2600, the console that brought video games to the masses. With the exception of the occasional bout of nostalgia, though, chances are those of you who still own an Atari rarely use it. But if you just can't bear to get rid of it, why not you turn your Atari into a more modern piece of technology? That's what Daniel McLeod of Black Mountain Audio did.

Daniel turned his Atari into a speaker dock for iPhones, iPods and other audio devices. Don't worry, though. This Atari was already non-functional.

To construct this speaker dock, Daniel gutted the Atari console, inserted computer speakers into the shell, and reworked an old game cartridge to act as the dock itself. The dock includes a 3.5 mm analog audio output cable, so it'll be able to play audio from anything that has a standard headphone jacks.

Along the back of the Atari dock is the power button, volume control, the audio input jack, a sub-out jack, and the power cable. For full effect, Daniel kept the original Atari controls and joystick intact, even though they are not functional. To fit all of these components, Daniel had to actually heat up the plastic on the Atari and reshape it.

If you'd like to own this hacked Atari, you're in luck. Daniel is selling it on Etsy for $100 USD. But hurry; there's only one available.

[Etsy via Geeky Gadgets]

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