'Cat Life: ChatChat', The Cat MMO

Cat Life: ChatChat is a free, browser-based MMO all about being a cat.

There are no classes, leveling, crafting, dungeons, or loot other than dead mice to leave as offerings at a human’s doorstep. The game is all about meowing, purring, napping, frolicking, and hanging around cats. Such is the life of a cat.

The game comes from Terry Cavanagh, the same creator of the gravity-flipping indie-platformer VVVVVV, with graphics by Hayden Scott-Baron. There are some secret rooms like the one with a dog altar that you can sacrifice a mouse to become a dog and turn other cats into some kind of dog-cat zombies.

You can play ChatChat for free at Kongregate.

[Kongregate and Distractionware via GameSpy]

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