This Cube Tells You What Tomorrow's Weather Feels Like

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[Photo: Robb Godshaw]
If you like being prepared for whatever weather Mother Nature wants to throw at you, this nifty little device could really help you out.

Created by Robb Godshaw, the cryoscope allows you to feel exactly what tomorrow's air temperature is forecasted to be. No longer will you have to try to figure out exactly how cold 3 degrees Fahrenheit is so you can decide how many layers to bundle up in. Just touch the cryoscope and you'll know.

On the surface, the cryoscope is a simple aluminum cube that could be mistaken for an artistic statement. But the simple cube houses a thermoelectric Peltier element, a heat sink, and a cooling fan, which together control the cube's surface temperature. Tomorrow's temperature is communicated to the cube via an Arduino microcontroller that connects to the Internet.

But, the cube doesn't just give you tomorrow's temperature. It takes into account factors such as humidity and the heat conductivity of the aluminum casing to give you what tomorrow's temperature will feel like on your skin. For example, room temperature is around 73 degrees Fahrenheit. For the cube to show you what this feels like, the surface of the cube would actually be 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cube is capable of broadcasting temperatures from 0 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. And, it also provides a nice weather for dummies feature: an LED light that glows blue for cold and red for hot temperatures.

Although just a concept at the moment, it could one day end up being a commercial product, so keep your eyes peeled for this neat little device.

[Robb Godshaw via Gizmag]

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