Awesome Facebook Timelines

Facebook's new timeline offers users a creative way to spice up their profile. Let's take a look at what some intrepid users have done.

Facebook Page or Work of Art?

You're now stuck with Facebook's new Timeline layout (or you will be, very soon), so why not make the best of it?

Here’s a look at some Facebook pages created by users who have totally embraced the Timeline layout, which allows you to add a large "cover photo" to your Facebook page.

Antonio Who?

This is a pretty cool public Timeline cover and profile picture combination. After all, no matter how "private" you make your Facebook profile, your cover photo and profile picture will always be public. Guess Antonio Fadda doesn't want anyone who's not on his friends list to know what he looks like.

Morbid Yet Creative

I can only assume Murat Çizer is an illustrator of some sort, because this morbid-yet-very-creative Timeline cover photo and profile picture is drawn by hand. I'm not sure whether Çizer is the decapitated guy or the person holding the ax, but either way, well done.

Tribute to Doom

Ori Hasson must be a fan of Id's classic first-person shooter game Doom, because he's transformed his Facebook Timeline layout into a semiaccurate reproduction of the game screen. (His photo is in the wrong place, but I suppose we can let that slide.)

ET Facebook Home

Giuseppe Draicchio pays homage to ET and classic Italian art with a Timeline cover photo and profile picture that depicts him touching fingers with the famous extraterrestrial.

Think Outside the Box

Rodrigo Soares demonstrates thinking outside the box with this simple, elegant cover photo.

Communicating Design

This is perhaps one of the most well-integrated profile pictures in a cover photo that I've seen. Of course, Eyal Shahar is a designer, so don't feel bad if yours doesn't look quite as cool as his.

Introducing Timeline

I'm not entirely sure why Emanuele Bartolomucci decided to make his Timeline layout a huge advertisement for Facebook Timeline (especially since he doesn't work for Facebook). Still, it's kind of a cool way to show how his Facebook photos have changed over the years--along with Facebook's layout.

Shark Attack

Nagaraj Vijayarangan is unlucky (or lucky, if you think the shark is spitting him out) in his Timeline cover photo. I'm not sure what I like best--the chain of sharks, the random cartoon worm on a hook, or the QR code in the bottom right corner.

The Simpsons

Helbert Campos has inserted himself into the popular TV show's opening sequence--even going so far as to throw his own shadow onto the cartoon wall. I also like how he changed what Bart is writing ("I will not spend hours on Facebook") and pasted his social networking links to the door.

Picture in Picture

How many times has the picture-in-a-picture-in-a-picture-in-a-picture been done? The first time I ever saw it was on the front of a coupon book when I was 5; yet I still think it's really cool. So here's Fabio Maravilla's picture-in-a-picture-in-a-picture-in-a-picture-in-a-picture.

Comedians Can Embrace Technology

Relatively few celebrities have switched over to Timeline and made it look good, but comedian Dane Cook is one of them. If Cook moved those CD albums just a little bit, he could get the whole seamless look going on.


This vintage, craftlike cover photo is perfect for someone who wants to be able to change profile pictures without messing up the entire layout. Jessica Barnard just puts a dotted line around her photo, instead of integrating it into the cover.

Timeline Forever

Richard Kårström does the picture-in-a-picture thing, but with a twist. Here it looks as though you're looking into a mirror facing a mirror--and there's Richard, descending a long set of Facebook-page steps toward you. This is a pretty good cover photo, but the viewer's own Facebook profile photo in the top right corner undermines the mirroring effect slightly.

The Eyes Have It

Here's another clever way to prevent people from seeing what you really look like. In this case Rodney Hess puts both parts of his face in his photos--just not together.

Photo Collage

One way to create a cool Facebook Timeline theme without having to worry about carefully integrating your profile picture is to make a photo collage. Kay Int Veen's Timeline is simple to make, but it looks very professional.

Timeline is Stupid

Facebook users are all about hating new layouts. So here's one solution: Take a screenshot of your old Facebook page and use it as your Timeline cover photo. Andrew Grojean can hold onto the old Facebook for as long as he wants.

Make Your Own Timeline

If you're itching to make your own creative cover photo, or otherwise spice up your Facebook timeline, check out "Five Tips to Make Your Facebook Timeline Amazing."

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