Lego-Like Bricks Go Green, Are Still Painful to Step On

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[Photo: Guggenheim Store]
Eco-conscious parents rejoice: There is now an environmentally friendly alternative to those classic Lego blocks. The new Earth Blocks are made from recycled materials blended with just a wee bit of polypropylene to give them the necessary rigidity.

They currently come in three varieties based on the main recycled component--coffee beans, cedar tree bark or compressed dust from sawn cedar logs--each of which gives the block a slightly different earthy hue. A fourth block, made from green tea leaves, is rumored to be in the works, hopefully extending the color palette into the greens.

Only one size of block is available, measuring 1 1/4 inches by 5/8 inch by 5/8 inch. You can pick up 50 blocks for $30 from the Guggenheim Store (the site appears to be down as of this writing [Update: It's back up and running.]).

One small piece of advice for you if you do pick these Earth Blocks up for your kids. If they start bouncing off the walls, you may want to count the number of coffee bean blocks.

[Guggenheim Store via WSJ and DVICE]

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