It's Not Spray Paint, It's a Cellular Antenna!

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[Image: Anthony Sutera]
The next time you see kids with some spray-paint cans defacing your neighbors fence, you may want to think twice before you actually call the cops. The kids could being doing a public service to your neighborhood by turning the fence into a cellphone antenna.

Speaking to Google's Solve for X, Anthony Sutera, the top dog CEO of Charmtech Enterprises let us all in on a little secret: In the near future a tree, car, cat, or shoe could easily be a giant antenna. Taking advantage of some nano-tech, and some spray technology, the company was able to create the first wireless antenna. Charmtech's technology works by spraying thousands of nano capacitors on a surface using a spray can.

In five minutes, the company was able to create an antenna out of random stuff, like a pile of tires and highway cones, and blast a UHF signal 14 miles away to an airplane. That's not all: The company has been able to increase the readable range of an RFID antenna an additional 700 feet by simply applying its spray antenna technology on a one-milliwatt RFID tag.

Guess what, San Francisco iPhone users? You may not have to worry about holding your phone wrong any longer.

(I kid!)

What's the future hold for the technology? Charmtech Enterprises is working on scaling the technology up to create full cell nodes painted on the side of the wall that actually power themselves. Pretty crazy stuff.

It may seem a little too sci-fi today, but tomorrow it could easily be a reality. Better get those tinfoil hats resized, you may need it sooner than expected.

[Solve for X via Ubergizmo]

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