The Cloud, Day 23: Wherever You Go, There It Is

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30 Days With the Cloud: Day 23

I’m back. I haven’t forgotten about you. Granted, the “30 Days With the Cloud” experiment is stretching the definition of “30 days” quite a bit, but it’s time to finally wrap this series up. Today’s post will focus on a couple ways the cloud has come in handy for me recently.

If you follow my posts, you know that I recently pulled the trigger and switched from AT&T to Verizon. I was reluctant to move, and I tried very hard to find a solution with AT&T, but ultimately AT&T was simply not interested in working with me and it was time for me to move on in order to get wireless service that actually works at my house and in the surrounding area.

I appreciated that all of my music was instantly available from iCloud when I logged in.
I chose the same phone I already had--the Apple iPhone 4S. Where the cloud comes into play is the fact that the vast majority of my data was available to me from the cloud as soon as I logged into the new smartphone. I associated my Apple ID and signed in, and voila! My contacts and calendar events were populated to the new iPhone 4S, and I immediately had access to the pictures stored in my Photo Stream, and 9,000 or so songs I have synced with iCloud. Pretty neat trick.

I had a similar experience when I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus Android tablet. I logged in to my Google account, and instantly I was connected to my Google+ and Gmail accounts. My Google contacts, Google calendar, and Google Music were all instantly available.

Both of these experiences reinforced for me how awesome the convenience of the cloud is. Just log in from virtually any device, and I immediately have access to email, contacts, calendar events, music, and more without missing a beat. Nothing to download, and no need to sync with any physical PC. It just works.

Of course, there are potential security concerns as well. It is an unfortunate fact of IT, nd mobile devices that anything that is convenient for you or makes your life easier also makes it easier for attackers to hack or compromise. But, we’ll address that another time. For now, we’ll leave it at how impressed I am with the fact that my data in the cloud is instantly available to me on new devices.

Part of the challenge of muddling through the 30 Days With the Cloud is that the concept is very broad. I did not set out with a clear goal in mind regarding consumer cloud tools versus SMB cloud services versus enterprise-class cloud products. The lack of focus has caused me to become overwhelmed and distracted, and made it difficult to narrow down topics to fill out the remaining days.

Ultimately, I have decided to focus primarily on a consumer or SMB angle. I am only one person trying to rely on cloud-based tools and share my experiences with you. While I could theoretically assess and review cloud tools aimed at larger organizations, those products and services are beyond the scope of the 30 Days With the Cloud series.

So, my apologies to you for the hiatus. Stick with me now, though, as we wind down the remaining days of the 30 Days With the Cloud journey.

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