These Pants Have a Built-In Keyboard, May Draw Funny Looks

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[Photo: Erik de Nijs]

It's happened to the best of us: You spilled coffee on your keyboard at work, and the IT guy is so pissed that he doesn't want to give you a new one. What do you do? Get pants with a built-in keyboard of course!

This is where Erik de Nijs of Nieuwel Heren's Beauty and The Geek pants come in handy. As well as being a pair of comfortable jeans, the pants also contain a wireless mouse, keyboard, and speakers. Look closely, the orange stitching also resembles a Printed Circuit Board (CRB) pattern.

Oh, and get this: The pants can be tethered to your computer using either a bluetooth connection, or a cable that wraps around your waist like a belt. Just be sure you aren't wearing any cords (*insert sad trombone*).

Erik designed these concept pants to not only combine the worlds of fashion and technology, but also angled the keyboard so that they would be comfortable to use while sitting down. Considerate, though the keyboard's placement might make you look a little odd while typing on it.

These pants are both a very interesting concept, and also very strange. It looks like you would need to slouch slightly to type with the keyboard, and the mouse could be awkward to use as well. Plus, it would take someone pretty confident to strut their stuff with a keyboard hanging off their pants. Still, it's quite nice to see fashion and technology attempting to merge. Now, if only Tron suits were cool on the catwalks.

You can check out more photos of the Beauty and The Geek Pants over on Flickr.

[Nieuwel Heren via Laughing Squid]

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