Let Old Meet New With a USB Typewriter for Tablets

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If you love your iPad but want something a little more steampunk, never fear: you can surround your iPad in vintage charm--and touch-typing, too. Meet the USBTypewriter, suitable for giving all your modern technology a bit of a retro feel.

This impressive gadget by Jack Zylkin is an actual old-timey typerwriter, modified to work like a typical USB keyboard for your computer or, even better, a few tablet models. In addition to the typical letters and number keys, it has control, escape, and F1 through F12 keys, plus old-school carriage return. Yes, it still works with paper, too (sorry, printer!).

By the looks of things, you simply plug the typewriter into your computer and start typing to set it up, or slide your tablet into a DIY slot at the back before connecting.

As Jack suggests, the USBTypewriter comes it pretty handy if you want to save a hard copy of any important documents or emails you write. However, the biggest pitfall is the price tag--you can buy yours on the Etsy store for a hefty $700.

If you can't afford USBTypewriter, but happen to have an old typewriter stored in the basement, you can buy the conversion kit, which is a faction of the price at $74. Personally, that option sems cooler as you can really bring an old relic or heirloom closer to modern day standards, rather than leaving it to gather dust.

Despite the price tag, this is quite a beautiful accessory for a tablet device, especially if you prefer to have your iPad, ThinkPad, or even rooted Nook Color stationary. Check out the typewriter's infomercial below to see it in action:

[USBTypewriter via Macgasm]

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