Top Smartphone Apps for Pet Lovers

Use these 12 apps to treat, manage, photograph, or even save the life of your cat or dog. There are some for both Apple iPhone and Google Android smartphone users.

Pet Fun and Management via Your Smartphone

Looking for an app to treat, train, or play with your furry friend? This collection of apps for iPhone and Android smartphones will get your feline purring, help you teach your dog new tricks, and even give you advice on taking better photos of your pets.

Pet Names

This iPhone app helps you find a suitable name for your new pet, be it a bird, cat, dog, gerbil, rat, or snake--from among more than 3000 entries.

You can browse by pet type or by popularity, and just for fun, the app has a pet sound board too.

Download for iPhone (free).


If your pet doesn’t play to the camera when you’re trying to get a shot, PetSnap can play more than 30 different sounds to attract your pet's attention.

The iPhone app takes several pics in a sequence, and you can also add frames and share the snaps of your beloved buddy on Facebook or Twitter.

Download for iPhone ($2).

Pet First Aid

Knowing how to treat your pet when it gets hurt can be tricky. Pet First Aid is a reference guide that can help with information about treating cuts and bruises for your dog or cat or give you advice if they choke or need CPR.

Also included are detailed videos and step-by-step illustrations to guide you along the way, and a separate module allows you to save medical history information for all your pets.

Download for iPhone ($2) or for Android ($2).

Pet Acoustics

Pet Acoustics is an app that plays music created specifically with dogs and cats in mind, to calm and relax them. It has several tracks to choose from, but you’re going to have to test this iPhone app and see if it works for your pet.

Download for iPhone ($2).

Dog Translator

For a bit of fun, check out Dog Translator--it’s like the music identifier app Shazam for dog barks: You record your dog, and the app gives you the English translation…sort of.

Download for iPhone (free) or Android alternative Animal Translator (free).


If your dog or cat has a habit of going for an unexpected stroll, you can use the PocketFinder GPS pet locator and app to locate your pet.

You attach a small GPS locator ($149) to the pet’s collar, and the app keeps tabs on their location (an additional $13-per-month plan is required). You can also customize a virtual fence around your home and receive alerts when your pet goes outside the zone.

Download for iPhone and iPad (free).

Dog Tricks & Bark Machine

Looking to train your dog? This app has photos and instructions derived from popular training books for training your dog to do various tricks (or at least attempt such training). Also included: a bark machine soundboard, put in for a bit of fun with your dog.

Download for iPhone ($1) or Android alternative 52 Dog Tricks (free).


Petometer lets you add up to six different dogs to your profile and then tracks your walks by time, distance, pace, and route.

You get a list of recommended exercises for your furry friends, and you can also view a history of your past routes, to keep track of the best walking spots and share them with your Facebook friends.

Download for iPhone (free) and for Android (free).


Unsure about what you can feed your dog? iKibble lets you browse and search through hundreds of food types, including meat, dairy, fruit, vegetables, and grains, offering tips such as: "Sliced pineapple fruit pieces are a great way to stop your dog from eating its own poop."

You can mark favorite foods. The paid version gets rid of the ads.

Download for iPhone (free).

Dog Whistler

Employing sound frequencies inaudible to the human ear (but audible to dogs), Dog Whistler can help you use your phone to train your dog to do new tricks or just play around. Some trials will let you find out which of the preset frequencies your dog will best respond to, or do fine-tuning for better results (see this video for an example).

Download for iPhone (free) or for Android (free).


Don’t have a pet yet? Looking for a new one? Search for your ideal companion with the app, which can bring up adoptable pet listings in your area, based on breed, age, gender, or size.

You can also read heart-warming adoption stories in the Happy Tails tab.

Download for iPhone (free) or Android alternative Fido Pet Adoptions (free).

Rate My Puppy

Think your furry friend is the cutest in town? Show off your pet on this social networking iPhone app for dog lovers to see what others think. You can also view and rate photos of dogs from all over the world, and check weekly, monthly, and all-time leaderboards.

Check out Android alternative Rate My Pets, for rating cats, rats, gerbils, and many other pets.

Download for iPhone (free) or Android alternative Rate My Pets (free).

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