A.I. MOTHER Nags You to Take Out the Trash

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[Photo: LVL1]
It can be hard to herd a bunch of hardware hacking geeks into doing their part with the chores, but Louisville hackerspace LVL1 has come up with a novel solution to the problem. MOTHER, a set of scripts attached to an impressive array of sensors spread throughout the hackerspace, makes sure to nag community members into doing their part to keep the hackerspace clean.

After LVL1 had outfitted their whole space with a massive array of sensors, they started to build out an A.I. system to help keep the place running. The result, MOTHER can use a weight sensor under the trash to tell if you’ve done your chores, and can shut off Google traffic in LVL1 if you haven’t.

But that’s just the start of what MOTHER is capable of. As explained on the Hackerspace’s post on MOTHER, the system can also chat with you via AIM and let you know which members are present in LVL1’s hackerspace. It can even monitor activity at various stations around the space to estimate how much hacking is getting done at any given time.

If you want to learn everything MOTHER can do (including a hidden Dubstep mode--Dubstep Cat approves!) or even try your hand at building your own, you should head on over to the MOTHER Wiki entry set up by the LVL1 crew that has all the info you’ll need.

[LVL1 via Hack a Day]

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