High-Style Geekdom: The Space Invaders Sofa

The Space Invaders couch, as seen on the Igor Chak site.
Hey, can I borrow $5,000? Please? Igor Chak's Retro Alien couch would look really good in my living room, and that bad boy of 80's yesteryear will set you back a pretty penny. This fine leather design joins the ranks of Space Invaders pillows, Space Invaders lamps, and Space Invaders ice cube trays as the ultimate in classy--and classic--geek fandom.

Making an improvement on the Space Invaders chair prototype that made the Internet rounds last year, the Retro Alien couch is all minimalist, Bauhaus-styling made in a “pixelated retro design,” and it also boasts memory foam cushions. Is it comfortable? Heck, who cares? This is less about a reasonably-priced, comfortable piece of furniture that will last you a decade and more about an homage to retro video games and nostalgia.

It remains to be seen if anyone will order the furnishing, thus forcing Chak to actually produce this concept couch but if you chip in $5, I promise I'll let you sit on it and watch me play Tekken.

Oh, and it'd probably look great with these Asteroids-themed wall decals and this Tetris-themed desk lamp.

[Igor Chak via ThisIsWhyI'mBroke]

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