Worlds Collide in a New Fan-Made Live-Action Minecraft Video

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In the fine tradition of such YouTube talent as Gary Bigham, Pro-LARPer, and Corridor Digital comes a new live-action Minecraft video from mikeNgary. This one's a bit of a tragedy; dimensional rifts, low-resolution realities spilling through, and an Obsidian-gated Orpheus quest to retrieve a vulgar creeper victim from the Nether. At least, I think that's what's happening. Have a look.

At this point, there must be more live-action fan films for Minecraft--a bit of a blank slate, from a fiction point of view -- than there are for franchises with rich settings like Half-Life. It's surprisingly genre-flexible, isn't it? I suppose that's the kind of creative adaptability that comes from material that literally has been designed to be taken apart so you can invent something new.

Besides the various narrative possibilities that come with a world built to be disassembled to be rebuilt, videogames also have a rich thematic tradition of featuring heroes who repurpose hazardous environments to create an underdog's advantage, even making cunning use of enemies themselves, whether it's by angling a rocket through a portal, tricking the king of the koopas into stomping on a shallow brick floor, or, indeed, fashioning a giant spider's silk into a new bow. It's little wonder that Minecraft taps into our collective unconscious so handily when its entire world represents an opportunity for creative turnabout.

Ooh, I've just had an idea; if anyone happens upon a noir take on Minecraft, you simply must let me know. A seedy murder mystery in which a killer rearranges the labyrinthine alleyways around his prey would really hit the spot.

In the meantime, thanks to reader Reggie for the heads up about the video; fan films like this are a delightful phenomenon and a great way to pay tribute to the games that stay with us.

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