LED Cathedral Uses 55,000 Lights, Is a Great Place for Geek Workship

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[Photo: Stijn Coppens]
When you think about cathedral architecture, you generally associate it with old gothic structures, which look both magnificent and daunting. One thing many are not, however, is futuristic. Fortunately, Italian company Luminarie De Cagna created an incredible cathedral display, comprising of thousands of colorful LEDs.

The Luminarie De Carga Cathedral, which wouldn't look out of place in a Tron movie, is solely made up of 55,000 LEDs and wood, and stands at an impressive 91 feet high. The cathedral was part of an art installation in January at the Licht Festival (Festival of Light) in Ghent, Belgium.

In addition to proving how awesome LED structures can be, visitors could also walk through the Luminarie De Carga's tunnel. According to the creators, its various LED tunnel projects represent the Einstein-Rosen Bridge on time travel shortcuts, focusing around the idea of matter travelling faster than light. In other words, wormholes.

The best thing about the project is that, while the LED lights make it look futuristic, the intricate patterns and design still embrace older cathedral structures. Check out the video below to see more quirky light projects at the festival, or visit Luminarie De Cagna's website to read more about the inspriation behind the LED build.

[Lumininarie De Cagna via Licht Festival and This Is Colossal]

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