Leap Day Bargain: 29 Albums Priced at $2.99 Each

Hassles come in all shapes and sizes. For example, I find it a hassle to pay $8, $9, even $10 or $12 for an album.

In honor of Leap Day, Google is solving that particular hassle by offering 29 albums for $2.99 apiece.

And these aren't crummy albums from unknown artists; there's some pop-music gold here. Among the more appealing picks (in my humble opinion, of course):

"Back to Black," Amy Winehouse

"Born to Die," Lana del Rey

"Exile on Main Street," The Rolling Stones

"Hands All Over," Maroon 5

"Now That's What I Call Music 4," Various Artists

"Teenage Dream," Katy Perry

"The Dark Side of the Moon," Pink Floyd

You can even get Van Halen's controversial new release, "A Different Kind of Truth."

When you buy an album from Google Music, it's instantly added to your online account, where you can stream it from your Web browser, an Android phone, etc.

You can also download the tracks to your PC if you want to add them to, say, iTunes or Windows Media Player.

This sale is available today only, so if you're looking to expand your music library on the cheap, act fast.

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