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CloudMagic Brings Swift Gmail/Twitter Search to iOS and Android Apps

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WebYog's lightning-fast CloudMagic search tool (free) has impressed me since I reviewed a previous version over a year ago. I like its speed, I like its layout, and I like its support for Twitter. And I especially like the fact that CloudMagic has gone mobile. That's right: CloudMagic's super-speedy searches are now accessible from iOS and Android devices.

A few changes have come to CloudMagic along with this mobile capability. For one, you must sign up for an account before using the service, even if you're opting to use just the browser extension available for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The mobile version is available as a free download from the iOS App Store or Android Market. Both iterations of CloudMagic will search your Gmail, Google Apps Email, Google Docs, Google Calendars, and Google Contacts accounts, in addition to your Twitter account.

Luckily, signing up for an account is as simple as filling in an email address and a password. Then, you must link the services you'd like CloudMagic to search--Gmail, Google Apps, and/or Twitter--to CloudMagic, by granting it access to your accounts.

Once access has been granted, CloudMagic then begins indexing your accounts, which can take some time if your accounts are sizable. It took several hours to index a Gmail account containing 7 years of messages, but only a few minutes to index a newer Twitter account. You can begin searching right away, but waiting until the indexing process is complete will deliver more accurate results.

CloudMagic for iPhone
CloudMagic's mobile version presents your results in a list that's easy to view on a small screen.
The results that CloudMagic delivers are, indeed, excellent, as is the tabbed system it uses to display them on your desktop. And CloudMagic is fast. Really fast. Super fast. However you want to describe it, know this: CloudMagic won't leave you waiting. Results appear in real-time.

CloudMagic lets you search one account from within another, too: You can, for example, search Twitter from within Gmail. The tabbed interface easily lets you switch between Mails, Events, Docs, Contacts, and Tweets, so finding what you want is a snap. Can't remember if you scheduled a dinner with someone? One search query sifts through email messages and calendar entries alike.

The mobile version of CloudMagic, eschews the tabbed interface in favor of a streamlined look more suitable for viewing on a mobile screen. Results appear in a simple list, with a label identifying the source, whether that's your email, calendar, contacts, or twitter account. Just like the desktop version, the mobile app delivers accurate, real-time results. Anyone who's ever felt the frustration of using the iPhone's built-in email search--especially when it fails to find any results and suggests that you "Continue Search on Server...:"--will jump with joy when they see how quickly and easily CloudMagic handles the same task.

CloudMagic impresses me with its speed and accuracy every time I use it. With the addition of mobile search, this super-fast, super-cool browser add-on has only gotten better.

-- Liane Cassavoy

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