Nyan Cat and Other Memes Become Potential Lego Sets; Me Gusta

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Last weekend, we checked out the best ideas the Lego CUUSOO community created for The Lego Group's consideration. All the future set ideas in the list, from iconic buildings to much-loved movies, are great creations that deserve recognition from the toy giant. But since then, we spotted another idea that also deserves attention--Lego Nyan Cat!

CUUSOO member "dodokiller" is currently trying to get support for a Nyan Cat Lego set. According to the proposal's page, the set would be for people who love the Internet and memes. Unfortunately, there is only a brightly colored mock-up of the box Lego Nyan Cat would be shipped in, but the design hints at a fairly easy-to-construct model.

In addition to Nyan Cat, "dodokiller" also has designs for memes such as the Me Gusta face and Trollface, but these would also come with a special edition minifigure (the usual Lego man facial expressions would be swapped for a meme-based one) to add to your collection.

At the time of writing, just over 100 people (including myself) support this project, but it needs to get 10,000 supporters before Lego CUUSOO will pitch the idea to Lego, so there's a way to go yet. The Minecraft set is a perfect example of the online Lego community at work, so hopefully enough fans will support the ultimate meme for it to reach approval.

After all, who wouldn't want a Lego Nyan Cat proudly flying across their window sill?

Check out the Lego CUUSOO blog to see the different approval stages before Lego finalizes a set, as well as the requirements for ideas.

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