Killing Patent Trolls With Crowdsourcing

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Prior art discovery kills patent trolls, but research is tough. Article One Partners offers an army of geeks recognition and rewards.

Killing a patent troll lawsuit takes research beyond just earlier patents. Lawyer Cheryl Milone founded Article One Partners to flip common knowledge, and research methods, upside down. "I wondered, instead of looking for a needle in a haystack, what if you could ask each piece of hay if it’s a needle?” Now the firm offers an army of geek volunteers rewards (over $2,224,000 to date) and acclaim in the research community for finding prior art to invalidate patent troll lawsuits.

Prior art can be in any language, from any country, and may be found outside the field. Sometimes, one of the patent researchers can prove they invented something that was patented by someone else. Cross discipline research pays off as well, since a pharmaceutical expert will look at technical device patents in a new, and perhaps rewarding, way.

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I've been participating in the AOP community since January of 2009, and won my first award for uncovering secondary prior art in March of 2010.
Minerva on

I'm one of those people who love tracking down esoteric things online so this is right up my alley.
Pepelicous on

This seems like a great way to make some money on the side for doing research.
Klondike Bar on

Patent trolls affect all of us. This is something everyone could get behind.
peterb on

Time for patent reform

Obviously what we need is a Creative Commons for patents, and various talented inventors to donate patent ideas to this charitable foundation before patent trolls can get ahold of them
FlightOfStairs on

the impression is that most of the patents granted are, in fact, bogus.
gbhn on

I can spot corruption when I see it. And when it's this endemic, revolution is the only way to fix it.
TheAmazingIdiot on

A different view

Or I could my unused patents to patent trolls for
BillPgh on

Surely if we had a first-to-file systems, that would obviate this company's entire business plan.
The River Temoc on

Maybe the whole patent process should be crowd-sourced and patents should only be granted if no one can think of the same idea.
arikrak on

Really, can there be any geek hobby more fun than being a Slayer of Patent Trolls? Maybe that should be a new World of Warcraft character.

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